We build custom bicycle frames and complete bicycles in South East London.

You can’t re-invent the bicycle just as much as you can’t the wheel. Many have tried and failed! The reason for this is because, just like the wheel, the bike is a machine of purity. It is an extension of the user and bringer of life.

However, you can make it the best it possibly can be. To do that you need passion, love and effort – the builder must forge a relationship with the components.

The builder must do the same with the client who, after many hours of conversation and emails, will become someone we share ideals and understanding with. Someone you want to do the best you can for.

Finally no matter how talented you are the best components are required. Then and only then can one craft the ultimate frame for each owner. You have to want to craft something individual and unique for the rider who understands you have your heart in it.

We do this and more to create frames and bicycles you’ll love and enjoy for years to come.