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Bikes, Camera, Action…

Come, take a ride with our Bespoked 2014 Tribute Bikes. Sorry if the pictures take a while to load when you click on them. High resolution… worth the wait – Enjoy!!

I love it when a plan comes together! On our return from the first day of Bespoked 2014 I bumped into one of our (BROCKLEY BIKES) customers and neighbour, Chris Lawson. We don’t know each other that well as he has only recently moved into SE4. However, he was forthcoming in offering his services as a photographer for our show bikes. So, a week later, he took me down to a secret location in the Brixton Stockwell area where there is some awesome graffiti.

The really great thing about this place is that the graffiti is never ending!! What I mean by that is it just keeps getting refreshed by new stuff all the time. When Chris told me about it I was reasonably excited. When we arrived there, I was blown away!! I mean really BLOWN AWAY!! You can’t imagine in the housing estates of South London, there are seriously talented, guys just whacking their wonderful art up on the walls and next week it may be gone for something new.

Ummm, here are some pictures of me, nothing short of stoked. Let’s give the pictures a chance to do the talking for a change…

I tribute this bike to everyone who has helped me make my dream and passion of building awesome bicycles a reality… friends, family and the prototype investors. Most of all, thanks to my right hand man Ian. None of this would have happened without his tireless support and efforts! You’re the man!!

This one is for Ron Cooper! You helped me by being my friend, guide. A true frame building Jedi, but above all, a gentleman and craftsman.